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Current Promotions

Painting labor One Tone Paint $1.00 a Sq. Ft.
Laminate Floor Labor Installation $3.45 a Sq. Ft.
Tile Grout Cleaning and Repair $1.25 a Sq. Ft.
Hardwood Floors Refinishing $2.95 a Sq. Ft.
Engineered Hardwood Floors and Labor Installation $6.75 a Sq. Ft.
Kitchen Remodel Granite Countertops,10 Cabinets and A Stainless Steel Sink. $6,995
Bathroom Tub Wall Area, Tile, Installation, Materials $980
Bathroom Remodel New Tub, New Valve, New Tile, New Toilet, New Vanity $3,800
Wood Tile Look Planks 6x24 and Installation $6.85 a Sq. Ft.
Demolition Work & Haul away $1.50 a Sq. Ft.
Landscape Pavers Labor Installation $6.00 a Sq. Ft.
Granite Countertops Group 1 Colors to Choose From $38.00 a Sq. Ft.